My Conservative Record

Ed Royce doesn’t just talk about conservative principles – he has the voting record to prove it. Unlike other so-called “conservatives”, Ed has a rock-solid record of standing against government waste, big spending, government bureaucracies, bailouts, and increased federal power.

Have a look at Ed’s record and you’ll understand why the respected Heritage Action for America just ranked Ed: California’s Most Effective Conservative Congressman.

Heritage Action for America

Heritage surveys votes and cosponsorships, largely focusing on small government and fiscal issues. The Orange County Register’s Total Buzz said that based on this rating Royce is the most effective conservative congressman in California. Royce Rating: 87%

Citizens Against Government Waste

Taxpayer Hero Award

This award is based on CAGW’s vote rankings. If you receive a rating of over 80 percent you receive the award. Every year, except 2006 Royce has been a Taxpayer Hero. In 1997, 2002, and 2005 Royce scored a perfect score, which made him a Taxpayer Superhero. Lifetime Rating: 93%

National Taxpayer’s Union

Taxpayer Friend Award

This award is given based on the NTU Congressional Rating, which includes every single vote on tax and fiscal policy (unlike some groups which include only 15-20 “key votes”). NTU weights them from 1-100 based on importance. The “A” grades are generally given out for roughly the top 10% of scorers. Royce has never ranked lower than 43rd overall, has an average ranking of about 13th overall, and has 13 rankings in the top 10 including 1st overall in 1997. According to NTU, “He has assembled one of the best records on fiscal conservatism in Congress.” Royce Grade: A

American Conservative Union

Defender of Liberty Award

The actual award is new, over the past few years. Congressman Royce qualified by scoring 100 on the ACU annual Ratings of Congress and has done so for four straight years, 2007-2010. ACU said, “His lifetime rating of 98.3 over 18 years of service is one of the highest ever achieved over that length of time and reflects a consistently outstanding dedication to conservative principles on a wide range of issues.” Royce Rating: 100%

Americans for Tax Reform

Hero of the Taxpayer Award

In order to receive this award, members of Congress must consistently vote with and represent the interests of American taxpayer, and work for lower taxes and a strong economy. Royce has received this award many times. Royce Rating: 100%

Club for Growth

Defender of Economic Freedom Award

Royce received this award for his commitment to promoting economic prosperity for all Americans. The award is given based on a comprehensive examination of votes in the House and Senate pertaining to key economic issues, including taxes, wasteful spending, and regulation. Club for Growth started giving this award in 2005. Royce has received this award in 2005, 2007, 2008 and 2009. Royce Lifetime Rating: 93%

Freedomworks (was CSE)

This rating is based on his votes for lower taxes and less government. Royce Rating: 95

Chamber of Commerce

The Spirit of Enterprise Award

Royce received this award for his votes to create jobs and ensure a more positive environment for economic growth. The Chamber gives this award annually to Members of Congress based on key votes outlined in its yearly publication. Royce has received this award every year, since he took office.

National Federation of Independent Business (NFIB)

Guardian of Small Business Award

The Guardian of Small Business award is given by the NFIB to legislators in recognition of their efforts to support small business issues. Royce has received this award every Congress, except for the 110th Congress.

National Tax Limitation Committee

Tax Fighter Award

60-Plus Association

The Guardian of Senior Rights Award

Royce was given this award for his commitment to America’s seniors. This is given to lawmakers by 60-Plus to show its gratitude to those who show compassion towards the elderly by pledging to always protect Medicare and Social Security and just as importantly, to vote against the wasteful spending of our tax dollars, and excessive spending. Royce has received this award every Congress.

Competitive Enterprise Institute

100% Pro-Worker Award

Benjamin Franklin Award

This award was given for his support of the death tax repeal.

Associated Builders and Contractors

Eagle Award and Champion of the Merit Shop Award

ABC gives these awards for Royce’s votes in favor of the principles of free enterprise, limited government, individual liberty and personal responsibility. Royce has won this award for the last five congressional sessions.

Concerned Women for America

CWA scorecard rates votes that affect the family. Royce Rating: 100% 112th 1st Session

Eagle Forum

Eagle Forum scores Member’s votes based on their support for conservative and pro-family issues. Royce Rating 100% 112th 1st Session

National Right to Life

Current Rating for 112th Congress is 100%

Life Priority Network

Royce Rating: 100

National Rifle Association

2010 Grade: A

Gun Owners of America

2010 Grade: A

Family Research Council

Royce Rating: 100

American Family Association

Royce Rating: 100