My Beliefs

Creating American Jobs

Our nation is hurting. Twenty-five million Americans are either unemployed or underemployed. The big government policies of liberals in Washington have failed because they are based on the assumption that government creates jobs. Real economic growth has always and will always come from the private sector – especially from small and medium size businesses led by Americans willing to take risks and put their ingenuity to work.

As a former small business owner in Southern California I have seen first-hand how government can hamper a business. Today, more than ever, Washington is getting in the way of businesses and stifling job creation. If our economy is going to get growing again, we must act now. We need to:

  • Slash our skyrocketing national debt. At its current level, national debt is preventing at least 1 million jobs from being created every year. The sooner we slash our 14 trillion dollar debt the sooner this economy will get moving again.
  • Lower Taxes on small and medium size businesses, which create most of the new jobs. U.S. businesses face the highest tax rate in the developed world – it is no wonder we are losing ground to other nations. By reforming the tax code we can broaden the tax base while lowering rates and closing loopholes. This will not only increase revenue but spur job creation and economic growth.
  • Cut Washington’s red tape. The thousands of regulations coming out of Washington cost American businesses $1.75 trillion annually. This translates into millions fewer private sector jobs every year. Now is the time to repeal unnecessary regulations and allow businesses in Southern California to thrive.
  • Increase domestic energy supply. Our nation has vast natural resources that are not being accessed because of Washington’s mandates. By increasing our domestic production we can both spur job creation and lessen our dependence on foreign oil.

Reining in Washington

As one of the original members of the Congressional Porkbusters Coalition, I have worked hard to cut waste and reduce the size of government. I've been honored by watchdog groups, including Citizens Against Government Waste, for my work and I will never stop battling the liberal Washington establishment over the size and scope of the federal government.

Over my objections, Nancy Pelosi passed a failed “stimulus” package, a massive $2 trillion healthcare entitlement program, and increased the size of already bloated government bureaucracies. In fact, on average, federal agencies received a 57% increase in appropriated funds from 2008-2010. This flawed borrow and spend approach has driven our nation deeper and deeper into debt and led to the loss of our triple-A credit rating.

We must immediately end the reckless Washington spending if we are going to prevent our nation from going bankrupt. Only drastically shrinking the size of the federal government will suffice. That is why I have voted against every bailout since coming to Congress and recently voted for a budget that cuts $9 trillion in government spending. I will fight against big government spending until we have balanced our budget and eliminated our national debt.

This alone is not enough. We must also pass a balanced budget amendment to the Constitution to prevent future abuses. On the subject, Thomas Jefferson said “I wish it were possible to obtain a single amendment to our Constitution…. an article taking from the Federal government the power of borrowing.” I couldn’t agree more. Only a balanced budget amendment can prevent Congress from mortgaging the well-being of future generations.

Americans (not Washington) know how best to spend their money. If we are going to balance our budget, restore our triple-A credit rating, and provide the certainty necessary to create jobs, business as usual must end in Washington.

Health Care Reform

I am working tirelessly to advocate for real changes to our healthcare system which actually reduce costs without putting us on a path to bankruptcy. Instead of empowering Washington bureaucrats, we need to empower doctors and patients and enhance competition throughout our healthcare sector. Such changes should include:

  • Medical liability reform. As a nation, we spend roughly $200 billion every year in additional healthcare costs because of the unnecessary medical tests conducted to avoid frivolous lawsuits.
  • Small business buying pools. Small businesses find it more expensive to offer coverage to their employees. By allowing small businesses to pool together to purchase coverage like a large company, it is estimated that costs would go down 12 percent and the number of the uninsured would drop by one million.
  • Allow insurance to be sold across state lines. Several states have little or no competition among insurance providers. By allowing those seeking coverage to access a national market, we will see an increase in availability, and a decrease in costs.

Energy Independence

Nothing has hit the pocketbooks of Americans harder than the sharp increase in the price of gasoline. For every penny the price of gasoline increases, the cost to consumers goes up additional $4 million per day. Given the current state of our economy, the status quo is no longer acceptable.

Rising gasoline prices are a direct result of our government created dependency on foreign oil. Unfortunately, radical environmentalists are driving U.S. policy. This has to end. We need a balanced comprehensive solution that eliminates the government policies which are driving up gas prices and promotes an “all of the above” approach to increasing all forms of U.S. energy production.

The longer domestic production is obstructed, the longer our energy demands will be met by foreign nations, many of which are hostile to American ideals and values. If this problem continues to go unaddressed, we will eventually send $10 trillion overseas; the largest wealth transfer in the history of the world, and we will be paying $5 a gallon for gas for years to come.

Now is the time to utilize our nation’s vast energy supplies while continuing to develop new, clean technology. Only then will we wean our nation off foreign oil.

Excellence in Education

America’s future depends on an education system that produces young people who can compete in the world marketplace. We need to make sure our schools are the very best they can be. Today, much of the money we spend on education is wasted on the bureaucracy, instead of being spent in the classroom where teachers and students need it the most. We need to get more of our education dollars into the classroom.