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Founders Day

Beautiful day for the Fullerton Founders Day Parade! 

Ed Royce
Lquote f498aa538c07713a754d1f07b6b87d00e02388b1fe7acbf4397035fd37972204 #ConstitutionDay http://t.co/GgRr1qtHLq Rquote 77c1becfc748eab5d9f0d3e945f3b1c7cc39ebbb81a4c64fe4859e047e2eb166

Happy Constitution Day!

Ed Royce
Lquote f498aa538c07713a754d1f07b6b87d00e02388b1fe7acbf4397035fd37972204 Sen. passed my bill 2 cap salaries of Fannie & Freddie CEOs; million $ raises are unacceptable http://t.co/xTeq06bfiM Rquote 77c1becfc748eab5d9f0d3e945f3b1c7cc39ebbb81a4c64fe4859e047e2eb166

Senate unanimously passes bill to cap Fannie, Freddie CEO pay

The Senate passed my bill to cap the salaries of the CEOs of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. Multi-million dollar raises at taxpayer bailed-out and backed organizations are unacceptable.

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